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Support & Back Up Policy


This Policy shall be deemed to form part of the agreement between the Client and Concept Apps Ltd (we, us or our) and the same limitations and disclaimers specified in the Terms shall apply to this Policy.

In this Policy:
  • Error means a verifiable failure of the Site or Platform to operate as described on the Site, of which a documented example has been provided by the Client to us and which is reproducible by us;
  • Helpdesk means the helpdesk we offer, which is contactable by emailing;
  • Support Hours means the hours between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding any bank or public holidays in Northern Ireland;
  • Support Services means the provision of technical advice and assistance regarding the functionality of the Site or Platform;
  • Terms mean the terms of use in place between us and the Client (and Client, Client Material, Platform, Site and User shall each have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms).


Nature of services
We shall provide the Support Services during the Support Hours for so long as the Client is bound by and complies with the Terms. We provide Support Services only in respect of the Site and Platform as generally available to clients and users at the time, and no earlier or other versions, releases.

We shall use reasonable commercial endeavours to perform the Support Services, but all services shall be provided on an “as is” basis. By requesting the Support Services, the Client acknowledges that such services shall be provided without warranty or any guarantee of outcome. Without limitation to the generality of this paragraph, all express and implied warranties and conditions are hereby excluded including, without limitation, those regarding title, non-infringement, merchantability, availability, timeliness, and fitness for a particular purpose.

If a reported problem or Error is found upon investigation to be caused by any breach of the Terms with the Client or User, without limitation of our rights, the Client shall be liable to us for all charges, time, materials, costs, and expenses (if any) incurred in connection with that investigation and any attempt to remedy the Error.

Reporting Process
The Client must report an Error to us by contacting the Helpdesk and providing:
  • the Client’s name;
  • contact details of the person logging the Error and who can assist us in investigating the cause and effect of the Error
  • the time and duration of the Error occurring; and
  • a brief description of the Error that is sufficient for us to investigate and categorise (in our sole discretion) the Error using the table below.

Unless it otherwise elects, the Supplier is not obliged to provide any Support Service in connection with any Error which has not been reported in accordance with the above process.

In respect of Errors reported in accordance with the above paragraph, we shall endeavour to respond in accordance with the following timelines:

Severity Level

Nature of Error

Help Desk Response Time during Support Hours


System down: the system is completely down or is not operational. Mission-critical applications are severely impacted by the problem.

24 hours



Limited Functionality/Limited use of the system:   The application is considered unstable and is subject to periodic interruption. Mission-critical applications are not affected by the problem

48 hours



Operation not affected: A general support question

96 hours


Whenever we respond, you must provide us with all information and materials required by us for the purpose of investigation, diagnosis, and correction of each Error.

The provision of the Support Services does not imply that we shall be successful in correcting Errors or that we shall be able to assist the Client in achieving any results. We shall be under no obligation to amend the Site or Platform or correct any Errors for the Client but may do so on a general basis available to all clients and users.


We shall perform scheduled back-ups, provide routine and emergency data recovery, and manage the archiving process of Client Material (as defined in the Terms).

The backup schedule shall include at least weekly full back-ups and daily incremental back-ups.

In the event of any loss or damage to Client Material, the Client’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be for us to use reasonable commercial endeavours to restore the lost or damaged Client Material from the latest back-up of such Client Material maintained by us, for which we shall be entitled to charge the Client at our prevailing rates. We shall not be responsible for any loss, unavailability, destruction, alteration, or disclosure of Client Material caused by any third party.